10-Pages Book Reviews

I recently stumbled upon a mom blogger who writes book reviews based on the first 10 pages. All I can say is, great idea. I’m the type of person who feels compelled to complete all the books I read. Even if they are terrible.

I was recently asked how I have any time to read. Not just books, but to read anything. Being a mom is time consuming. I explained that I have to read. It’s a part of me. I don’t read as much as I’d like since I spend so much time with my son, but I can’t completely give up reading. I keep reading materials everywhere in my house. There isn’t a room that doesn’t have a book case or book shelf (except the bathrooms).

Because I’m so busy (who isn’t?) I have been trying to allow myself the ability to not read a book if I don’t like it — which is why I love the “10 pages in” book review concept. I usually get half-way before I give up on a book, then feel like I wasted time. Ten pages might not be enough to really judge a book, but who has the time to read a bad book?


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