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Parents Need Consistent Date Nights

September 7, 2007

Since having my son nearly two years ago, my dates have dwindled. My husband is good about trying to establish dates, but it gets hard with busy schedules — and it’s so expensive now that we have to add a babysitter to the evening’s tab. I think we’re pretty good about getting out, but it gets hard. I know some parents who rarely, if ever, get out for a night alone. This can’t be good for a marriage, but it’s certainly understandable.

The other day, while watching “The View,” Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck mentioned that she and her husband have “You Tube Dates.” The other Co-hosts had to ask what she meant; I immediately thought, what a great idea. They schedule an hour to grab some snacks and sit in front of the computer watching the latest videos from You Tube users. I wouldn’t say it’s my idea of the perfect date, but it’s time they are spending together and it’s something different. We might have to try it.