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People Find ‘Balancing Motherhood’ Using the Strangest Search Words

November 9, 2007

In WordPress (the software I use to write this blog) there is a great feature that tells you all the search keywords people use to find your blog. Most of mine are pretty normal: they are about kids and being a mom, but some of the keywords are strange. Here’s a sampling:

  • magnets to go to sleep
    I did write about how my son wanted to go to bed with magnets, but I find it odd that someone would search for magnets to go to sleep.
  • moms need money
    Amen, Hallelujah sista’-friend. Yes we do need money! We can have more money if we manage our finances properly. Read my financial posts here.
  • sad about motherhood
    This one really struck me. I just hope that what I write here helped this person. It’s a tough job and can be sad at times, but overall it’s the greatest job on earth.
  • what women carry in their purses
    Yes, this one is very popular. I’m not sure if it’s women trying to find one of the articles that was written in “O Magazine” or in “Real Simple” magazine, but I get this one a lot. Read my post about what’s in women’s purses and get a link to view photos of strangers’ purses.
  • goodie reverse trick or treating
    OK, I thought I coined the phrase “reverse trick-o-treating” in my Halloween post, but I guess some other brilliant person thought of it too.

Lessons From ‘The Motivator’

October 19, 2007

I’ve got a stack of articles on my desk that I want to blog about when I get the time, so today I’ll choose one that sticks out from the pack. It’s from “Real Simple” magazine’s “The Motivator” column.

Life Coach Gail Blanke writes that life can pass you by while you wait for just the right time. So true. Especially for women. I don’t know why, but I think that women tend to wait for things to happen. Wait for the right moment, the perfect situation, while men just jump in — not afraid to fail. I’m sure this applies to me at times, but I’m trying to change that.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be perfect so that I could generate huge amounts of traffic from the start. I don’t like to do things half-way. Then I got stuck on what to name it. Every URL I choose was already taken. I waited, and waited. Kept trying names, focusing just on the name. Then, I decided that I have to move forward. Have to take action even if I can’t come up with an appropriate name.

I started by writing down my goals for the blog. Almost immediately, a name emerged. From that moment, I purchased the URL and began blogging. It’s still a work in progress, but my traffic is increasing and I’m getting there. Had I waited for the perfect moment, I probably still wouldn’t be blogging.

Blanke gives great advice in her “What are you waiting for?” column (September issue, “Real Simple”) and summarizes it into these four easy steps:

4 Steps To Embracing Your Power

  1. Don’t disqualify yourself from the race before it even begins. Doubting yourself is no way to get things done.
  2. Make a list of your “wins”” the times you made the catch, made the call, or made the day. Revel in your wins every time you face a new challenge.
  3. Abandon the list of your “losses.” No great trapeze artist ever walks into the big top thinking about the time she fell. Don’t you do it, either.
  4. When the opportunity presents itself, take it. When the opening occurs, step forward. When the envelope arrives, open it.

I’m going to take Blanke’s advice today and try to move my blog to a new server — something I’ve wanted to do for about a month now, but am nervous about doing it because I’m afraid something will go wrong. Although I understand “tech-speak,” I’m not a techie and don’t do code anymore (it’s too advanced for me now). But this shouldn’t be that hard so I’ll give it a try. If you find something broken, give me a shout.

What Stay-at-Home Moms Need to Know About Money

October 5, 2007

Parents” magazine has a good article for every stay-at-home mom (and working moms too) about what we must know about our money. The article is a quick read, but has several key points:

  • Know your worth
  • Stay in the loop
  • Have a spending plan
  • Make sure you’re insured
  • Keep money in your name
  • Stay marketable

But, the most important piece of advice is a quote they hightlight in the second page of the article:

“If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you shouldn’t hesitate to insist on having an equal say in financial matters. Taking care of yourkids and the household is just as important to your family’s economic health as your husband’s job is.”

This is true of working moms too — we must be an active participant in our family’s financial plans. Women need to become knowledgeable about our finances so we can participate and know where our money is going and how we are going to save for retirement. I’m going to keep preaching this until the cows come home. Until I see the cow, I’ll keep sending the message to women about becoming knowledgeable about money. Hurray to those of you who are there already — you are the model for the rest of us to follow.

Women Carry the Weight of the World — In Their Purses

September 19, 2007

Editors note: I recently moved my blog to a new server. You can find this same post (and all my others) at the new location:, where I post daily.

We already know that women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, but now it’s proven! Well, sort of. Two of my favorite magazines carried similar stories within one month of each other … must be an important message.

The Oprah Magazine” has an article in the October issue called, “Shop Smart: Is your Handbag Killing You?” while “Real Simple” magazine has an article in the September issue called, “Is your handbag weighing you down? Here’s how to lighten your load.” (Unfortunately, “Real Simple” doesn’t post the article on their Web site.)

Writers for both articles talk about bags that are too heavy and how these purses can be contributing to back and shoulder pain in women. It’s not just the purses themselves, but the contents as well.

“O Magazine” weighed items that women typically carry: iPod, wallet, cell phone, PDA, etc. and came up with a total of 15 pounds (not including the bag).

“Real Simple” sampled purses from women on the streets of New York and found the heaviest bag weighing in at 18 pounds.

I’m pleased to say that my bag weighs just under 3 pounds — which is plenty for me. How much does your purse weigh?

If you’re curious about the contents of women’s purses, visit the photo-sharing site, flickr to see photos.

Celebrity Kids on Magazine Covers

August 31, 2007

While in the checkout line at the grocery store the other day I was eyeing the celebrity magazines. They are hard to ignore while waiting for the person in front of you to write a check for her diet soda and ice cream purchase. I noticed something that bothered me, not the bad habits of the person in line in front of me – nearly all of the magazines had Britney Spears on the cover, and they all included photos of her kids.

I get the fact that Britney is a celebrity and will always get media attention, but I am bothered that the media is bringing her kids into the fold, plastering their innocent faces on the covers of their magazines. On this particular trip to the grocery checkout line, I counted five covers that Britney and her kids were on.

The same goes for the kids of Angelina and Brad, and Tom and Katie. The list goes on. These kids should be allowed to be kids without having to be on the cover of every magazine. I’ll note here that I’m talking about all of the photos that are taken by the paparazzi — not the photos where the parents have control over the images.

This wouldn’t have bothered me as much (if at all) before I had a child. Now that I have one I am keenly aware of children and want to protect my own and I am more aware of others around me.

Do what you want with the adults, but leave the kids out of it.