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‘Balancing Motherhood’ Has Moved

December 1, 2007

Thanks for visiting my site. I recently moved my blog to my own server to offer more services and give a much-needed redesign. All of the content you will find archived here is on my new site. Please visit me at:, where I post content daily.


Black Friday Shopping In The Digital Age

November 23, 2007

I’m getting ready to go shopping today: Black Friday it’s called. The day after Thanksgiving where crazy people attempt to jump start their Christmas shopping. I’m only venturing to a few stores, more for the adventure, than the shopping.

I’ve already received two text messages from a friend of mine, alerting me to the sales in our area. It’s a great form of communication. Last year she sent me a text message that the Harry & David store that we love was going out of business –everything was 50 percent off! I didn’t hesitate to get a few great buys from that closing.

Shopping today is so different than it was 10 years, or even five years ago.  Text message alerts, email coupons, online shopping. You don’t have to set foot into a traditional store anymore. Except for days like today, when it about getting out and seeing with your own eyes what’s out there.

Taking a Break

October 10, 2007

I’m taking a bit of a break this week, so posting will be spurratic, if at all. I’ll get back to my regular routine of weekday daily posts next week.

Inspiration: Do something today that makes you feel good — even if it’s only taking 5 extra minutes in the  morning to sip your coffee.

Columbus Day — Do You Have the Day Off Work?

October 8, 2007

Columbus Day is like some of the other lesser-celebrated holidays in America. Veteran’s Day, President’s Day and the day after Thanksgiving are also days that I wish more corporations would elect to give its employees off.

I worked in the media business for more than a decade — where they typically don’t give off these “extra” holidays. News doesn’t stop for holidays. But there are other types of corporations that can give extra holidays off as benefits to employees. I believe it would increase the retention rate of its employees. Some corporations even give sabbaticals after about 5 years of service. Happy employees = better profits for companies. I just wish someone would tell big companies this.

Quote from Movie

September 21, 2007

This quote is from a movie I watched recently.

“Your actions will always follow your beliefs.”

“Facing the GiantsDVD

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