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Building the Blog

August 21, 2007

Owning and building your own blog is harder than I thought. I have years of experience managing Web sites, driving traffic to sites, building relevant content that a team of advertising executives can sell so the company can make money — yet I’m having a hard time setting up this blog just the way I want it.

I am learning what it means to work for yourself. Not only is there no paycheck for “trying,” no “A for effort,” I also don’t have a coworker sitting next to me in a cubbie that I can tap on the shoulder for help.

I have a lot more respect for those women who have figured out how to start and own a business (or “just a blog”) in order to make more time with family. I’ll keep trying and maybe I’ll post what I’ve learned so that I can help out the next Mom who is walking the same path I am.


More Work From Home Jobs

August 9, 2007

I was watching Good Morning America (GMA) today and they had a segment about working from home. Diane Sawyer said they started their series, Take Control of Your Life, one year ago and have heard of 5,000 people who started working from home. And there are still more work from home jobs available, they say. Read the full story here.

You can also ask GMA’s workplace contributor, Tory Johnson, a question about working from home and it may get on the air. From ABC’s Web site:

“Having trouble balancing your career and home life? Do you want more information on how YOU can work from home? Or do you have other career questions? Ask “Good Morning America” workplace contributor Tory Johnson and she may offer you on-air solutions on ABC News Now.”

Get information here.